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Identify Problem Areas in NC Programs with Force Analysis

The Force Analysis module enables users to graphically analyze cutting conditions generated by an NC program against selected target values to reveal areas of opportunity and areas of concern.

Force Analysis can be used to identify problem areas in NC programs such as poor cutting efficiency, potential tool breakage, or other safety concerns related to excessive cutting conditions. Once identified, CAM systems or manual editing can be used to apply corrective actions, then re-analyze to see if more desirable or safer cutting is achieved.

The Force Analysis module allows you to graphically see the interaction between the cutter and the material and display the real chip thickness in an NC program block by block. Measured data exposes forces applied to the cutter, spindle power demands, and potential for cutter deflection.

Use Force Analysis Graphs to analyze Cutting Data such as:

• Chip Thickness:

• Total Force:

• Radial/Axial Force:

• Machine Force

• Torque and Power

• Deflection

• Axial Depth

• Radial Width

• Contact Area

• Volume Removal Rate

• Feed Per Minute

• Feed Per Revolution

• Feed Per Tooth

• Spindle Speed

• Surface Speed


Visualize Cutting

Visualize cutting forces applied against the cutter, spindle power demands, predicted chip thicknesses, and potential for cutter deflection

Highlight Errors

Highlight errors, inefficiencies or other potential problems in NC programs, and expose potential savings

Access Catalog

Access to VERICUT’s complete catalog of Force Materials

Analyze Cutting

Analyze cutting conditions encountered by Milling, Turning, and Hole Making cutters

Make Adjustments

Use the information provided to make adjustments in your program via CAM system or any editor

Share Analysis

Share Force Analysis graphs with the shop floor and other departments

Force Analysis exposes potential savings by highlighting errors and inefficiencies in NC programs

Use Review Mode to take a closer look at any areas of concern, including the exact line
in the code and the position of the cutting tool for any given point on the graphs

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