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VERICUT 9.5 – Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Downtime

Latest VERICUT Release

Tool Summary and Tool Wear

Use the new Heat Map display to see the wear pattern on your tools. A combination of colors and messages can be used to understand how each tool was used, and the effects of each cut on the tool.

Track tool life by assigning wear limits to each tool for a variety of factors such as cutting time, material removal volume or distance, to get notified when a tool is nearing expiration. This is useful to better predict when a tool change will be required and to improve tool inventory management.


CNC Machine Connectivity

CNC Machine Connectivity allows VERICUT to connect directly to your machine to see real-time data in VERICUT before, during and after machining has taken place.

The new Postcheck capability is an investigative tool which allows you to review archived data directly from the NC machine, within a VERICUT simulation in order to observe how well the machine ran, as well as inspect and diagnose any issues that occurred during machining of a specific part.

VERICUT 9.5 also introduces support for NC machines with OKUMA, Siemens and Heidenhain controls.


Interactive CSYS and Model Transformations

VERICUT 9.5 provides better tools for working with coordinate systems. More interactive CSYS and Model Positioning features allow you to control, move, translate and rotate coordinate systems, or use them to move components and models faster and easier, with fewer steps and less work. Visual queues show how pending transformations will be applied.


Enhancements to Interfaces

VERICUT 9.5 will continue to bring a number of enhancements to the capabilities and functions of CAM interfaces to automate as many picks as possible from within the interface. In order to leverage all of the latest tools and tooling capabilities that VERICUT has to offer, the interfaces are also being updated to support more types of tools for simulation, and support the latest released CAM versions.

The Mastercam-to-VERICUT interface is the first of the interfaces to include such enhancements, with a new look and feel, plus added functionality to automatically define the Fixture, Stock and Design if they are defined in Mastercam’s Stock Setup. Users can now change the interaction language and other settings from within interface without the need to exit and restart.


Email Notifications

Receive email or Teams notifications when a simulation is completed, with a summary of the results and a link to the log file. Notifications can be also configured to be sent for certain events during the simulation, such as collisions, errors, warnings, tool changes and more.


“Smarter” Learn Mode for Optimizing

VERICUT’s “Learn” mode evaluates machining performed by each cutting tool, then auto-configures optimization to increase cutting performance and efficiency. VERICUT 9.5 has a “smarter” learn mode, with ability to learn from cutting tools used multiple times (e.g. roughing, semi-finishing, finishing, etc.), then use the learned information to optimize those tools uniquely, per each machining operation it performed.

Learn Mode

Interactive Simulation Timeline

The simulation timeline (in the Tool Use window) is now interactive with the NC program viewer and NC Program Review. It has been enhanced to include all time used by the machine to complete running NC programs used to make the part, and markers that show when errors, warnings and other events occurred during the simulation. Click directly on an error marker shown in the timeline in Review Mode to review the error in the simulation, and investigate exactly where it occurred in the program.


Other New Features:

  • Tether a Fanuc control simulator to a digital twin in VERICUT to see the impact on the actual CNC machine in a simulation environment. Other controls are planned in future releases.
  • Drag and drop a file summary ZIP file directly into the Project Tree to open in VERICUT, and resave any changes directly back into the ZIP file.
  • EDM Die Sinking can now be simulated by machines that carry a new "Electrode" tool type to perform EDM burning operations, including 5-axis burning.
  • Ongoing enhancements to the Stock Material Catalog and Tool Performance Data containing valuable cutting feed and speed recommendations from the world’s largest cutting tool manufacturers.
  • Simplified GUI panels for cutting conditions and Force graphs, Tool Manager, component configuration in VERICUT’s Project Tree, and more.
  • Improved configuration of machine Collision tables for excluding certain sub-components.
  • Simplified configuration for interpolated turning.

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