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Educational Program

Finding skilled labor remains one of the top issues facing manufacturing today. We have all heard people say that there are no careers in manufacturing anymore, and we have seen the reports in the mass media about the doom and gloom of employment in manufacturing.

But in reality we currently have a skilled labor crisis, and it’s projected to get even worse.

We all must get involved in doing something about it now.

Manufacturing Engineering magazine reported that there is a serious lack of skilled machinists and technicians as baby boomers leave the workforce. As much as 50% of our current manufacturing workforce will retire in the next decade, and few training and skill-development programs are in place to compensate for this loss. Jim Ellison of Ellison Technology was quoted in the article: “Some work is going overseas simply because we have no capacity to man the machines to produce what is required.”

CGTech is dedicated to our educational partners. Following are just a few of the benefits you and your students will enjoy by including VERICUT in your curriculum.


  • Utilize VERICUT’s extensive library of machines & controls
  • Help students learn complex machining concepts, including 5-axis and mill/turn multitasking machines
  • Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with your CAM system(s) using a VERICUT interface
  • See how G-codes affect the machine with VERICUT’s built-in MDI
  • Teach programming courses using machines that you don’t actually have in the shop
Roughly a quarter of the nation’s 637,000 aerospace workers could be eligible for retirement this year, raising fears that America may be facing a serious skills shortage in the factories that churn out commercial and military aircraft.
Marion BlakelyPresident and CEO - Aerospace Industries Association

VERICUT is the world’s leading CNC simulation software – used in all industries with all CAD/CAM/PLM systems to simulate NC code, whether programmed manually or post-processed from a CAM system. By being trained with VERICUT, your students will have a competitive edge upon entering the job market.

The CGTech Educational Program includes all the modules and licenses that your school needs for one annual fee. The program also includes training provided at CGTech facilities (space permitting). To learn more about CGTech’s Educational Program, please complete the form below, call (949) 753-1050 or e-mail

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