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CGTech Highlights VERICUT 9.2 Simulation, Composites, and Additive Capabilities at CAMX


    Contact: Celyn Matienzo

CGTech Highlights VERICUT 9.2 Simulation, Composites, and Additive Capabilities at CAMX

Irvine, CA – CGTech will demonstrate VERICUT 9.2 at the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) from October 19 – 21 in booth W47. VERICUT is the industry standard for simulating CNC machines to detect errors in traditional machining such as milling or turning, as well as additive manufacturing and composites.

CAMX is the largest, most comprehensive composites and advanced materials event in North America. The expo is an opportunity for attendees to find solutions and products that are revolutionizing industries like aerospace, transportation, automotive, medical, and beyond.

The latest version of VERICUT brings improvements to performance and collision detection, enhanced support for cutting tools and tool reporting, and more options for optimization in both Force and OptiPath. Optimize NC programs by setting target Chip Thickness along with any combination of machining limits in Force such as maximum cutting forces or spindle power and tool deflection.

VERICUT’s additive module simulates and verifies the capabilities of additive and hybrid CNC machines such as laser activity, power, material feed, and gas flow. Detect collisions between the machine and the part while identifying errors, voids and misplaced material. VERICUT allows users to arrange additive and machining operations in any order to check that all setups and holding fixtures work while verifying the finished part matches the design.

VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS) is a simulated work environment for automated composites manufacturing. VCS simulates NC programs on a virtual machine including head changes, probing, knife cutting, and more. The simulated material can be inspected for stack thickness, ply offset, ply angle, and other information to ensure that the program follows standards and requirements. VCS can automatically create a report showing simulation results and statistical information.

This year, the event will be extended through CAMX+. This digitally optimized event allows remote attendees to participate from anywhere in the world. Digital attendees can access the same content as in-person guests, and can view world-class educational sessions on demand.

CGTech’s Barry Kennemer will provide an on-demand presentation titled: Simulation Paves the Way for Productivity with Additive Manufacturing. The presentation will cover the benefits of simulation software and additive manufacturing such as:
• How simulation software helps designers create parts to suit their additive manufacturing capabilities.
• Why simulating post-processed NC code on digital twin virtual machines is the best way to protect your investment into additive equipment.
• How simulation software can validate that planned operations and setups will work and those parts are producible.
• What a robust additive manufacturing software can do beyond “building a part.”

“VERICUT’s capabilities in simulating metal cutting, additive and composites lay-ups give our customers the ability to confidently build more complex parts in new and creative ways,” says Gene Granata, VERICUT Product Manager. “Increased performance in simulation and collision checking better protects our customer’s investments in expensive CNC additive and hybrid manufacturing, and composites machinery.”

About CGTech
CGTech’s VERICUT® software is the standard for CNC simulation, verification, optimization, analysis, and additive manufacturing. CGTech also offers programming and simulation software for composites automated fiber-placement, tape-laying, and drilling/fastening CNC machines. VERICUT software is used by companies of different sizes in all industries. Established in 1988, and headquartered in Irvine, California; CGTech has offices worldwide. For more information: visit the CGTech website at, call (949) 753-1050, or email

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