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CGTech to Demonstrate VERICUT 9.2 Rapid + TCT 2021


    Contact: Virginia Steverson

CGTech to Demonstrate VERICUT 9.2 Rapid + TCT 2021

Irvine, CA – CGTech will feature VERICUT version 9.2 in booth #E7237 at Rapid + TCT 2021. The event will be hosted at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in Chicago, Illinois from September 13 – 15.

Rapid + TCT is North America’s largest additive manufacturing event. Over 150 additive manufacturing leaders bring scalable solutions to advance the manufacturing process. This year’s presentations and speakers are focusing on the themes of Evaluation, Adoption and Optimization.

The latest version of VERICUT brings enhancements to collision checking and overall performance, more options for optimization on subtractive machining operations, enhancements to reports, and more. VERICUT can simulate both additive and traditional machining (milling or turning) capabilities of new hybrid CNC machines. The simulation verifies key additive functions (power settings, material feed versus machine feed rates, and more), and makes it easy to identify errors, excessive material overhangs, voids, and misplaced material.

VERICUT’s additive module also works with Force for additive NC simulation, verification, and optimization on hybrid machines for metal additive manufacturing and machined parts. VERICUT gives users the freedom to arrange additive and machining operations in any order, checking that all setups and holding fixtures work while verifying that the finished part matches the intended design.

“Given the expense and the rarity of additive/hybrid CNC machines, we are thrilled to provide the industry’s leading additive simulation with increased simulation and collision checking speed to protect CNC AM equipment,” says Gene Granata, VERICUT Product Manager. “VERICUT enables our customers to build parts in new and creative ways, and make critical determinations about when those new additive methods will succeed or fail, and saving them a ton of time and materials doing so.”

About CGTech
CGTech’s VERICUT® software is the standard for CNC simulation, verification, optimization, analysis, and additive manufacturing. CGTech also offers programming and simulation software for composites automated fiber-placement, tape-laying, and drilling/fastening CNC machines. VERICUT software is used by companies of different sizes in all industries. Established in 1988, and headquartered in Irvine, California; CGTech has offices worldwide. For more information: visit the CGTech website at, call (949) 753-1050, or email

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Electronic image attached – Thermwood-OverhangError.png
Caption: Thermwood LSAM additive simulation showing material “Overhang” errors- material mistakenly deposited without supporting material beneath it.

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