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VERICUT News - Winter 2021

The sharp downturn in travel caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the grounding of many aircraft and the largest contraction in the commercial aerospace sector’s history. However, seen in the right context, the current challenges faced by the aerospace industry offers opportunities for commercial OEMs and suppliers to make needed changes.

Click here to learn how VERICUT simulation and optimization software can help provide commercial success, not just for the aerospace industry, but any manufacturing business hoping to bounce back from the pandemic stronger than ever.

In case you missed it, v9.1.2 has been released! VERICUT software version 9.1.2 is packed with many new features & enhancements designed to boost productivity and streamline your workflow. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • New macros and other enhancements for Machine Simulation and G-Code processing
  • Many new features in Tool Manager, including unit conversion for imported tools
  • New materials added to the Force Material Catalog
  • More tooling information available in VERICUT Reports
  • ESPRIT TNG Interface is now available
  • And much more!

Click here to View the VERICUT 9.1.2 Release Notes.

Watch a brief video to see how VERICUT software can help you protect your machines and streamline your manufacturing process.

Texas oil and gas manufacturer uses VERICUT to safeguard its machining operations.

“Machining has grown more complex over the years…That’s why we needed a tool that can verify our NC programs, and give us confidence in advance that everything’s good to go…We have not had any crashes due to programming error since implementing VERICUT.”

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Watch the "How to Auto Hide/Show Components" tech tip here.

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