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Stop Wasting Money on Cutters

Save your Cutting Tools with VERICUT Force Optimization

How much would you save if you could extend the life of your cutters by 2x or more?

VERICUT Force helps to extend tool life by using the manufacturer’s recommended cutting parameters to optimize NC programs by keeping chip thickness maximized & constant. At the same time, Force limits feedrates, force and deflection to ensure that your cutting tools are safely utilized to their full potential within any given cut.

This combination of faster AND safer cutting increases the useful life of your tools substantially, reducing tool costs, and the costs associated with machine downtime and tool replacement.


  • Extend the life of your cutters up to 100% or more
  • Improve cutting tool performance
  • Prevent undesirable cutting conditions
  • Reduce hidden costs resulting from tool breakage
  • Integrate seamlessly with most Tool Management Systems

Force also drastically reduces machining times as much as 25% or more.

How Much can you Save on Cutting Tools with VERICUT Force?Calculate your savings here The Hidden Costs of Tool BreakageLearn more Learn More about ForceFAQ, user stories and more

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Case Study - iMFLUX Significantly Improves Tool Life and Saves up to 51% Machining Time with VERICUT Force

VERICUT customer iMFLUX recently tested their CAM system’s optimization product against VERICUT Force. Nine machining operations were tested for Machine Cycle Time, Cutting Tool Life, Cutting Tool Temperatures and Material Temperatures.

Force Optimization Results - iMFLUX


Force Project Benefits Summary

  • FORCE saved at least 17% on even the most basic geometry tool paths
  • FORCE saved up to 45% on our most complex geometry toolpaths
  • Tool wear on FORCE toolpaths is significantly improved (corner wear, edge wear, end wear & flute chipping)
  • FORCE toolpaths reduced thermal growth
  • Benefits on finishing will result from FORCE
  • FORCE optimization increased machinist / operator confidence
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