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EDM Die Sinking

Eliminate the check/re-check process on your mold component models, milling programs, electrode models, and electrode milling programs!

You may not have “problems” with your die sinking operations, but if you’re spending time avoiding them, you’re wasting time!Using VERICUT “as machined” solid models of the rough machined mold components and machined electrodes used to produce the completed mold tooling, the results of the plunge/ram sinking operations are just like the machine!EDM Die Sinking offers several different views of the burn process, including display of the rough machined stock, the electrodes, and the burn material (material removed by the electrodes). All can be displayed, hidden, or displayed translucent. The burn process also displays the volume removed by each electrode, and allows specification of an “overburn” offset on each electrode.

You can compare the resulting burned mold component to a design model of the final desired mold component using AUTO-DIFF.

  • User-defined settings for spark gap & orbit allowance
  • Sink multiple electrodes simultaneously
  • Check for: electrode gouges in the design; over/unde  burn, volume of material removed by each electrode, contact area & electrode overlap