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Maximize Cutter Life with Advanced Optimization Software

Webinar - November 4, 2020 at 11am PDT/2pm EDT

Mounting pressure to make parts better, faster, and more affordable is an ongoing challenge in the manufacturing industry. In order to gain a competitive advantage, many companies seek optimization strategies to reduce machining times and get parts to market faster. Advanced optimization software, such as VERICUT Force, not only reduces machining times by 25% or more, it also drastically reduces cutting tool costs by increasing tool life up to 2x or more.

Force helps to extend tool life by using the manufacturer’s recommended cutting parameters to optimize NC programs by keeping chip thickness maximized & constant. At the same time, Force limits feedrates, forces and deflection to ensure that your cutting tools are safely utilized to their full potential within any given cut.

This combination of faster AND safer cutting increases the useful life of your tools substantially, reducing tool costs, and the costs associated with machine downtime and tool replacement.

Save Your Cutting Tools with Force

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize VERICUT Force to extend tool life and reduce machining times
  • Import tool models, including their technology data, into Force for easier programming and faster optimization
  • Use Force charts to compare pre and post-optimized chip thickness, total force, radial/axial forces, feedrates and more
  • Calculate how much you can save with Force
  • Apply best practices for better surface finish, predictability and quality


About the Speaker

Peter Main
Technical Support Engineer

Mr. Main has been with CGTech as a Technical Support Engineer for VERICUT software since 2013. He has more than 39 years of manufacturing experience. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering in 1980, Peter began his professional career at BAE Systems working as an NC Programmer and Planning Engineer. Prior to joining CGTech, he worked at Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd. as a Manufacturing Engineer and CAE System Administrator, and was the Lead Engineer on a number of Boeing 787 projects as well as Technical Lead on a Lockheed JSF F-35 fuselage frame project. In Mr. Main’s role as Technical Support Engineer for CGTech, he designs many general-purpose and customized training courses, supplies technical support to end-user customers, and provides manufacturing consulting services to numerous companies in virtually every industry.

Peter Main

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