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GO2Cam International

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with GO2cam software for increased efficiency

By exporting data from GO2cam to VERICUT, the interface offers users an easy and reliable solution for manufacturing.

This interface enables the export of complete data from GO2cam into VERICUT, for Milling, Turning, TurnMill, SwissTurn and wire EDM for NC code simulation. The export from GO2cam to VERICUT supports all necessary data – part and stock, tools and tool holders, part holder and fixtures, NC File, etc.

The user doesn’t need to enter data manually anymore, everything is automatized for a unique ease of use. Programming and simulation are error-proof, making production as reliable as possible.

The interface is available with GO2cam v6.04 and Vericut 8.0.

The GO2cam interface to VERICUT is supplied by GO2cam.