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Siemens PLM – NX

Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with Siemens NX software for increased efficiency

CGTech’s NX® Interface for VERICUT provides an easy & convenient way to verify NC programs directly from within NX! The interface can verify individual NC programs, a series of selected NC programs, or a complete sequence of operations. With the NX Interface, NC program files are linked to manufacturing operations, enabling easy selection of tool path motion from the desired operation. All NC program and tooling information is automatically transferred to VERICUT. Design, Stock, and Fixture models are also automatically transferred to VERICUT in their proper orientation. The VERICUT process runs external to NX so you can continue working in NX while verifying the NC program. The Siemens NX-to-VERICUT interface is available directly from CGTech.

Pre Post-Processing Optimization with OCC
Take NX machining operations to the next level of performance by optimizing CAM cuts with Force optimization.

The VERICUT Force Optimized CAM Cuts (OCC) interface allows users to update and adjust toolpaths directly in their CAM systems. This unique approach updates NX operations with ideal feed rates that maximize machining potential and tool use, so highly optimized NC programs can be created directly through post-processing.

With the NX-Connect parameter enabled in the NX-to-VERICUT interface, users can select a VERICUT simulation error message to highlight the related NX toolpath operation. This allows users to quickly and easily identify the NX toolpath operation that produced a VERICUT error.

The NX interface is compatible with Teamcenter, enabling your IT department to integrate VERICUT into your PLM environment.

"Quick Start" Training Session

The “Quick Start” training sessions are designed to quickly teach a VERICUT user the “basics” of running a VERICUT simulation, using a VERICUT CAM Interface. Each download includes: narrated videos, CAD/CAM files, VERICUT files, and step-by-step training sessions in PDF format.