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CNC Machine Monitoring

Establish a Live Connection to CNC Machines on the Shop Floor

VERICUT’s CNC Machine Monitoring module works with Scytec’s DataXchange software to give users the ability to connect with and stream data in real time from CNC machines on the shop floor.

When you are not able to observe your CNC machine standing next to it, find out answer questions like the following with the click of a button:
  • Is my machine running?
  • Which part and NC program or subroutine is currently running?
  • What cutting tool is currently loaded and what active work offset is loaded?
  • Is the machine running at 100% or has an override been adjusted?
  • If my machine is stopped, why (emergency stop)?

CNC Machine Monitoring enables users to observe how the machine is functioning live as it is happening on the shop floor. CNC Machine Monitoring continually updates the connected VERICUT session with the CNC machine’s axis positions, cutting tool in use, active tool and work offsets, and a wealth of information about how the machine is behaving and performing.

Use CNC Machine Monitoring to view past the machine enclosure, guards, flying chips and splashing coolant to see where the tool is cutting on the part.

Monitored information can be viewed via VERICUT’s Status window or HUD (Head Up Display), and includes the following:
  • NC Program
  • NC Program Record #
  • NC Program Record
  • Active Alarm
  • E-Stop State
  • Cycle Status
  • Running State
  • Controller Mode (I.e. MDI, Edit, Jog, etc.)
  • Feedrate Override %
  • Rapid Override %
  • Spindle Override %
  • Spindle Load
  • Tool Offset
  • Work Offset


  • Observe what machines in the shop are doing
  • See which NC program or subroutine is running
  • Observe active tool and work offsets
  • Monitor machine axis positions/motion and spindle activity
  • See if spindle or feedrate overrides are applied
  • See if machine is (or isn’t) running or in Emergency stop
  • Recognizable colors provide enhanced visibility for monitoring:
    • Green – machine is running, Spindle/Feedrate/Rapid set to use 100% of programmed values
    • Yellow – Spindle/Feedrate/Rapid override % reduced below programmed value ( < 100%)
    • Orange – Spindle/Feedrate/Rapid override % increased above programmed value ( > 100%)
    • Red – machine not running due to Emergency stop, current machine state and/or cycle status

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