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VERICUT Simulation and ICAM Post-Processing Come Together for World-Class Digital Manufacturing

The traditional manufacturing process is no longer competitive.

Traditionally, a part is designed, programmed, and converted into machine-readable commands. The "posted" program is loaded into a CNC machine for the first "prove-out" before production. The process is slow, involving single-stepping through individual lines of code and stopping to investigate any time a potential problem is spotted.

ICAM and VERICUT work together to modernize the manufacturing process.

ICAM has been building world-class custom CNC post-processors for over 50 years. With in-depth machining and industry knowledge, partnerships with major CAM systems, and an exclusive CAM-POST development platform, ICAM builds exceptional posts for all major machine tools and CNC controller brands, including all classes of CNC equipment with any combination of rotary heads and/or rotary tables.

Since 1988, CGTech's product, VERICUT, has become the industry standard for simulating CNC machining to detect errors, potential collisions, and areas of inefficiency. VERICUT reduces the need for prove-outs, virtually eliminates errors, and optimizes NC programs for faster and more efficient machining. Prove-outs become part of the design and planning phase, freeing up expensive CNC equipment for production machining.

Customers already benefit from the ICAM & CGTech Partnership

  • Shared data for both the post-processor and Virtual Machine Configuration (VMC).
  • ICAM uses VERICUT digital twins to configure post-processors for faster delivery and reduced costs.
  • CGTech works directly with ICAM to develop VMCs for familiar post-processor output and reduced customer cost.

Machine Tool Manufacturers and Distributors Also Benefit from the Partnership

  • Increase customer satisfaction with software that lives up to world-class CNC machines. Don't let poor post-processing and simulation limit the capabilities of your machines.
  • Get peace of mind knowing your customers have the tools they need to prevent crashes.
  • Customers can start programming and testing their new machines before they're even delivered.

If you are an existing customer in need of a VMC or post-processor, please use our VERICUT Machine Configuration form to enter your machine specifications to receive a quote.

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